Why choose us

cabecera 005Business Approach

Every company should consider in the development of its activity, according to the legal framework, a number of fiscal and accounting obligations for which specialized knowledge is required. But delivering such services, not under the classical approach to consultancy, but from a client perspective “business with finance and legal approach” the customer needs solutions, not at the pace of the advisor, but rather at that of your business.

Planning ahead

piedras 001In a great number of crucial issues it is usual to apply to a professional consultant to solve our doubts and advise us in the most important decisions. Whether the services of an attorney, an accountant, a financial expert or an auditor. Well, our office combines all of these services under the umbrella of our professionals; anticipating possible decisions, according to the personal circumstances of our customers and within the existing legal framework, to get the most out in attending those obligations.

Internationalization, International Tax at customer desk

Currently, tax advice has become very important due to the complexity of the global economic environment and tax provisions to intercompany and international level. This implies not only detailed knowledge of the companies we work with, but also its international structure and its overall objectives. This can only be achieved under a concept of advice very much on the customer side, “at customer desk” so that the advice of our professionals meet the needs of our customers, but always under the philosophy of their companies.

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